Amber Steenbock

May 1, 1977 - December 17, 2014

Beautiful Bewilderment

Always, in my solitude,
you are there. Your magic eyes
unaware of the power they hold over me.
In my head, they are like lasers;
warm building lights that also cut,
sometimes simultaneously,

I wonder if you see
how I search your eyes
for the light that fills my own whenever you are near me.
How I beam with your joy,
cry with your sorrow,
and tremble at your anger.

Your awesome power scares me
almost as much as the strength of my love for you;
the strongest force I have ever felt,
the only strength I have.

When your eyes show doubts or regret,
I remember their awe of me.

When you sigh in frustration,
I remember your moans of pleasure.

When you want to get away,
I remember you unable to get close enough;
reaching everywhere, seeking the deepest part of me,
kissing as if you need my breath to live,
touching as if I am a treasure,
holding as if I might fly away.

Your magic eyes
beautifully bewilder me.

For with my heart's double vision,
able to see the blue and the green together,
I do not ever turn from you in fear of the things you feel now.

Instead, I hold on tight through the stormy seas;
needing to take you, hold you,
see more,
feel more,
be more,
know more,
and learn more
of you and with you
through those magic eyes that hold me,
a willing captive,
beyond this world's end.

Copyright © 1995-2014 Amber Steenbock
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